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Hamletsgade 6
2200 Copenhagen N

Live Fast Die Young

Javier Alvarez Sagredo

16.06.23 - 01.07.23

"The seventeen articles of the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen by Olympe de Gouges • The neuroscience of corporate branding • Shouldn’t you be working?• Body dysmorphic disorder • You are not welcome here • The vote of Fannie Lou Hammer• Where do you feel safe? • Surveillance • Why Nations Fail? The Origin of Power, Pros-perity and Poverty by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson • End user • The four A’s:Anger, Anomie, Anxiety and Alienation • Por la razón o la fuerza • https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=06EkS7Jrcgs • No support for privileged apolitical artists • Wanna walk inmy father’s shoes but they don’t fit me at all • What happened to Sahar Tabar? • Fake it tillyou make it • Psycho-deflation • How to Do the Work: Recognize Your Patterns, Heal fromYour Past, and Create Your Self, by Dr. Nicole LePera • Capital is Dead • Cocoons may betough or soft, opaque or translucent, solid or mesh-like • Hyper masculinity • Busyness •The work of Uruguayan artist and political activist Mauricio Gatti • The American experi-ment has just begun • The suicide note of Per “Dead” Ohlin • Joseph Schumpeter would beproud of us • A sinkhole is a depression or hole in the ground caused by some form of col-lapse of the surface layer • Stop the machine • The domain of semio-capital • Untitled (LiveFast Die Young), mixed media on cotton canvas in burnt artist’s frame, 180.0 x 840.0 cm,2023 • Byung-chul Han’s jukebox • In May 2023, inflation cooled slightly, thanks in part tofalling gas and egg prices • Repent and sin no more • I miss my pre-internet brain • A BlackHornet Nano is small enough to fit one hand • Hustle harder, hustle smarter • Persona nongrata • I went looking for paradise, instead I found hell • Master Locks are known to have aserious security flaw, which allow for easy bypass by a lock pick or bump key or other formof bypassing • You have no idea • “If SCUM ever marches, it will be over the President’sstupid, sickening face; if SCUM ever strikes, it will be in the dark with a six-inch blade” —Valerie Solanas • Corporate greed • Manuel says he did not see the sun for nearly a year• Machinic Junkies • Sprängningarna ökar i Sverige • Eco(logical)-evo(lutionary)-devo(l-opmental)-histo(rical)-techno(logical)- psycho(analytical) • Bad bots - good bots • It’s abarren world without bees • Richard Florida isn’t really sorry • E-commerce is hot, brickand mortar is sexy • Money job • There is no bad kids, just awful circumstances • Whosecosmos, which cosmopolitics? • Shoplifting from American Apparel, a novella by Tao Linwas published in 2007 • In 1994, Javier Alvarez Sagredo was born stateless."

- Matteo Cantarella

Featured artworks:

Untitled (Icon), mixed media, found mannequin, found kitchen cabinet, various dimen- sions. In collaboration with Puer Parasitus, 2023 

Untitled (Live Fast Die Young), mixed media on cotton canvas in burnt artist’s frame, 180x840cm, 2023 

Untitled (Hive), HD video, 3:31 min. In collaboration with JUNOxoxo (dj bl00d5port), 2023 

Untitled (Puff), mixed media, found mannequin, various dimensions, 2023 

Supported by Statens Kunstfond

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