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Hamletsgade 6
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Ssi Saarinen, Ona Julija Lukas Steponaityte and Iida Jonsson

17.02.24 - 10.03.24

16 discarded solar panels are installed in two grids. The panels are collected from fields and are cov-ered in a thin layer of dried-out silt, a material primarily present when water is suddenly stirred upthrough rapid water elevation like floods. Just as how film would be exposed to space and preserve itin time, the panels can be seen as an exposure of a temporality; echoing the genesis of a new lake inLikanciai, Lithuania.

The lake has no name and has appeared rapidly, only in a few years. Most likely, it’s the outcome of abureaucratic glitch from when the soviet occupational regime collapsed. When land and responsibil-ities were redistributed, the maintenance of some soviet-installed agricultural drainage systems fellthrough the cracks. Soon vegetation sprawled in pipes and trenches, turning them into vessels. Andso, decades after Lithuanian independence, the backyard of a family was inhabited by a lake.

In addition to the solar panels, composer Alexander Iezzi and masterer Enyang Urbik have in collabo-ration with the artists, created a five-speaker ensamble. The sound references historical exchange oflandscape and sound; especially how nature has been translated into musical compositions. Here, acomposition for a nameless lake. The polyphonic music arranges dissonant sounds like chords out oftune, folk melodies, strings and under water metal growls.

In parallell to the exhibition, the film SILT (35min) will be screened at the Danish Film Institute. Employ-ing videography from broadcasting and documentation of sudden events, the work encounters thelake from a helicopter, a spectator perspective, and forensic diving. The film was recorded in Likanciaiin 2023.

SILT at Cinemateket (Danish Film Institute): 02.03.24 and 09.03.24 at 8pm.Please RSVP to info@inter-pblc.com

Supported by Statens Kunstfond, Svenska Kulturfonden (FI), and Lithuanian Council for Culture.


Ssi Saarinen (Finland 1995), Ona Julija Lukas Steponaityte (Lithuania 1992), and Iida Jonsson (Norway1997), all holding a Masters in Fine Arts from Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, have been previous-ly exhibited at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Konstmuseet i Norr, the 59th Venice Biennale: The Milk ofDreams, De Thomas, Nr. 1 Main Road, and Whitechapel.

The musical score is produced by Alexander Iezzi (Tucson, Arizona 1987), previously exhibited at KWBerlin, MoMA New York, and Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin. Together with composer BillyBultheel, he releases music under the pseudonym 33.

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