Exhibition space
Hamletsgade 6
2200 Copenhagen N



24.08.23 - 15.09.23

presenting: "Players, a solo exhibition by London and Paris-based artist collective PentHouss. Players is an installation of swings conceived site-specifically for the gallery. Often involving one rider and one pusher, the swing motif has historically denoted collaboration, trust, and the building of interpersonal relationships. PentHouss’ swings visually quote from the worlds of competitive horse riding and adult entertainment, questioning how sport, sex, and play offer frameworks through which to envision collective social harmony while also mirroring the routines, rules and power dynamics of the modern workplace and the roles we are all taught to play from childhood - as individuals, but also as team players in a broader, societal body. Supported by construction scaffolding and framed by floor markings evoking the design of sports pitches, the gallery space veers from brutal playground to uncanny gymnasium, setting imaginary stages from which to unpack notions of individualism, achievement, collectivism and the gameplay of social order.

The exhibition opening will feature a live performance with dancers Maji Claire, Thea Carla Schøtt and Simon Ventzislav and a new choreography and sound piece by PentHouss."

Thank you Henrik and ASA Stillads

Photo by Brian Kure

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