Exhibition space
Hamletsgade 6
2200 Copenhagen N

Fiction as Form

Group exhibition

Part One: 21.10.21 - 06.11.21, Part Two: 11.11.21 - 27.11.21

A two-part exhibition series curated by Anouska Kobus and Laura Goldschmidt.

Contributing artists: Rebecca Lindsmyr, Louise Hammer, Elisabet Birta Sveinsdottir, Evelina Hägglund, Kajsa Karlsson

Ringing in a new hour, the five artists illuminated different entry points to the same questions: what structures define our lives in the present? And who defines them? The works included in the exhibition speculated on possible images of our collective future(s), thereby blurring the boundaries between fiction and form.

Text by Celina Albæk, Photography by Brian Kure. All images copyright and courtesy of the artist and inter.pblc

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