Exhibition space
Hamletsgade 6
2200 Copenhagen N


Group exhibition

11.06.21 - 11.07.21

Contributing artists: Annie Hägg, Fabian Bergmark Näsman, Georg Nordmark, Hannah Rose Stewart, Julian-Jakob Kneer, Kåre Ruud, Miranda Keyes, Nicole Walker, Olof Marsja, Paul Ferens, Patrick Belaga & Thyago Sainte, Tommy Sveningsson Krek

NECTAR titles a group exhibition curated by NICOLE WALKER. It explores tantalising lust, sensory tactility, eager and obsession. In composite succession, objects, media and performance become cross pollinated – nectar seeps out and draws you in.

Curated by Nicole Walker, Photography by Jakob Storm. All images copyright and courtesy of the artists and inter.pblc

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